Musical Art in Oil Pastels and Chalk Pastels- ages 7 & up

      Students will work with both oil pastels and chalk pastels to create  musical artwork.  We will work together on at least one composition and compose a unique work of our own for a second project.  The class is one hour long and all materials are provided. 

      Students with allergies to chalk dust are cautioned and should notify the instructor at the beginning of class

    Create a Masterpiece on Sheet Music- Ages 10 & up

    Students will paint on sheet music to create a frameable finished artwork.  They should be encouraged to wear smocks or older clothing to class. The class is one hour long and all materials are provided

      Painted Pasta Wind Chime--Ages 6 & up. 

      Paint and pasta make great tools for young students to craft their own wind chime in this 1 hour workshop.

    Make an African Thumb Piano- Ages 6-12

    Using simple, kid-safe supplies, we will create our own Africa Thumb Piano,  Students will be given the freedom to design and decorate their instrument in their own unique style.  The class is one hour long and all materials are provided

    Preschool Instrument Making-Ages 3-6 


    Make Your Own Instrument-Ages 6 & up.

    Little instruments for little hands.  Parents or caregivers are encouraged to work with their preschoolers to create some simple music makers in this fun class for the younger set.    

                                                                                              Or  choose Make your own instruments for older children. 

                                                                                              The class is one hour long and all materials are provided       


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    Art is for everyone...

    -children -teens -adults -beginners -EVERYONE!!!

    If you are 12 years old or older

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    Each lesson teaches a drawing concept that will enable you to see that you can learn to draw.

    This is an entry level course so no prior drawing knowledge is required.

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    Each unit is divided into 3 learning sessions.

    After you finish a unit, you can sign up for the next one at your convenience.

    My hope is that you will enjoy the classes so much

    that you will work to see how quickly you can grow your drawing ability.

    You may complete a lesson and return at any time to repeat the exercises

    until you feel you have a good grasp on the concepts presented.

    You work through the lessons at your own pace.

    They will be available whenever you are ready to continue.


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