Kids will learn the basics of watercolors using fun and interesting techniques.

Each class will consist of exercises in painting and conclude with at least one finished work to take home.

(Many more watercolor ideas available.)

Classes for ages 5 & up

Chalk Pastels

Chalk art is catching fire as artists use it for 3D street displays.

This is a medium that is easy to learn and produces good results right away.

Kids will learn how to make fun, original chalk art and take home at least 3 finished works in this class for ages 5 & up.

Oil Pastels 

Oil pastels are the new crayons. 


Blendable, combinable, they give a project the look of an oil painting or can be used rough to look like a crayon drawing.

This is a comfortable project for beginners, as most everyone has used crayons.  Students will learn how oil pastels go beyond crayons with techniques that make them a unique medium all their own.

Ages 5 & up.

Learn To Draw 

Children are introduced to the basics of drawing

and tips that will help them to be successful

as they create some fun & easy characters. 

At least one finished work will be completed.

Ages 7 & up

Mixed media

Watercolors, pastels, and other mixed media
are combined to create vibrant and fun projects
for kids.

Ages 6 & up.

Spanish and Native American Art Of the South West

Lizards, kachinas, and patterns run wild

in this exploration of the art of the South West

Mixed media project- (watercolors & markers)

Ages 6 & up

Other Options:

Kite design
Paper Sculpture
Egyptian portraits
Sand painting
Or suggest your own project idea